As we walk into a new year our favorite brand has decided to surprise us with a gift that I personally needed. In my previous post i talked about how Itel unveiled a few different phones at their 10 year anniversary held last November. The Itel 32 was among those announced that day. I have […]

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If you have been keeping up with my blog then you are no stranger to the love and admiration I have for Itel Mobile. My respect for the mobile giant comes from their ability to produce gadgets that’s manage to not only be up to date with the latest technology but are pocket friendly. So […]



I have been looking forward to this Review for a long time. Firstly because Itel is the first phone I ever bought for my mother and secondly because as a lifestyle blogger I am always looking for the latest techs to go with the ever evolving world of technology and blogging. Being a blogger there […]

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The Met Gala: Men Edition 

So in my previous post I mainly concentrated on the women that stratted there stuff at this year’s gala but I think the men too stepped up their dress game from last Year’s exhibition.  So since there is no need for a Met Gala 401, let us straight on dive into the some of the […]

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The Met Ball 

So in case you are  a fashion fanatic like me, You know that May is the time when art, pop culture and fashion collide for one of the biggest nights in entertainment.  The met Gala for those that maybe wondering is  is an annual fundraising gala for the benefit of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s […]

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